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Training Calendar Instructions



SL Learner - Once you have initially connected with your SL Coach and determined your next training date or dates, click on the Google button  or, that doesn't work, click here


If, for some reason, you aren't able to go directly to the calendar the gmail address is spirituallead (you don't put the .gmail in) and the passcode is spirituallead1.


Entering a training date - Once you are at the spirituallead Google calendar click on Create Event in the upper left corner under the Google logo. 

  • In the "What" box type your last name, hyphen, and your coach's last name and the session number.  (ex. Kuest-Mathison 2).  

  • In the "When" box put in the time and be sure and indicate the time zone reference  (Suggest you use the time zone of your SL Coach)

  • In the "Where" box indicate what the communication vehicle is going to be. ex. Skype, Google Talk, MS Messenger, etc.  If it is going to be in-person, be sure to indicate the location.

  • In the "Description" box identify which training module you are on and the session number. ex. Serving Power-1.

  • In the "Guests" box enter the four following email addresses

    • Yours

    • Your SL Coach

    • Your Area Director

    • Your Regional Director



  • Leave all other settings the same since anything else you do to modify the calendar affects everyone else.

After the conclusion of your first training session be sure and post your next training date on the Google calendar.  This helps your AD be aware of the training process and is able to join in on the session if scheduling permits.


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