The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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Getting Started

  1. SL Learner's Profile  Make sure you have reviewed the SL Learner's profile.  It is on the AGWM-ER home page under Learners Corner, Learner's Profile Vault.  You will need a pass code from the SL Learner to be able to read it.

  2. Get acquainted, finding out about family, specific focus of ministry, interests, unique experiences, etc.

  3. SL Learner selects topic  Determine and/or discuss the assigned topic.

  4. Schedule  Set a date and time for the first training meeting.  (SL Learner is responsible for setting up the schedule on Google calendar and notifying AGWM-ER Area Directors.)

  5. Go to My Training Record so you can record your training experience and then click to the appropriate topical article or go directly to the table of contents.  Read the complete topical article making your own notes using the Notes tool. 

  6. Go to the Quick Link on the AGWM-ER home page, click on the training topic you will be coaching your SL Learner on.  Download the PDF for the SL Coach's Training Guide and Discussion Handout.

  7. Prepare for the coaching session by reviewing the questions and/or exercise.  It is important you know the material from the assigned topical article well so you can refer back to a relevant portion during your discussion when helping to clarify a question or expand a point.  It is recommended you read the entire article first and then before your coaching session to go back and re-read the applicable section pointed out in your Trainers Guide.  Remember, the key to the coaching session is to assure the SL Learner has learned.  It is not necessary to ask all of the questions on the Trainers Guide if you feel the SL Learner is displaying a good comprehension of the topic.  You should plan for each session to run 1 - 1 1/2 hours at the most.

  8. Coaches Assessment  When you've completed the 3-4 Sessions be sure to complete a Coaches Assessment.

  9. Additional help  When you've concluded the training topic remind the SL Learner that a handy reference for future issues is available under Level 1 Fix.  They can access it on the AGWM-ER home page.

Starting the Conversation

Before your first training session you had a conversation with your SL Learner to get acquainted. 

As this meeting begins, after some brief conversation about each other's lives, you may want to begin your session by asking the following questions to help focus and frame the time together.

Suggested Questions:

1.  Was there a particular "ahah" you discovered in your reading the assigned section?  What was it?  Why do you think you had that reaction?

2.  Describe some typical circumstances in your ministry where this topical issue frequently comes up. (ex. conflict, power issues, differences in disclosure and feedback styles, etc.)

3. What part of your reading did you have difficulty with either in agreement or understanding?

Move to the Trainers Guide to process the just read material utilizing the Power Points to help illustrate your points.  (Suggest you use the pdf file of the Power Points for flexibility and download time.)  Click here to go to Level 2 Train for your training materials.

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