The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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Getting Started for the SL Learner

  1. Once you've been notified you have been assigned a specific SL Coach contact them via email and arrange a convenient time to get acquainted via phone or VOIP. 

  2. On your first contact remind your SL Coach your SL Learner Profile is on the AGWM-ER home page under Learner's Corner, Learner's Profile Vault.  You will need to give your SL Coach your pass code for the file in order for the SL Coach to access the file.  If you don't recall your pass code, email

  3. During your first conversation get acquainted by finding out about families, specific focus of ministry, interests, unique experiences, etc.

  4. Determine and/or discuss the assigned topic.  (Note:  During the Spring 08 Pilot the two topics are Accountability, Disclosure & Feedback and Serving Power.  Other topics will be available in Fall 08).

  5. Set a date and time for the training meeting.  Important:  The SL Learner is responsible for setting up the schedule on Google calendar and notifying AGWM-ER Area Directors.

  6. SL Learner reads the specific section of the assigned topic (ex. Fundamentals of Accountability, Disclosure & Feedback)

  7. Log in to the web site, go to My Training Record so you can record your training experience and then click to the appropriate topical article or go directly to the table of contents.

  8. Next, go to the Quick Link on the AGWM-ER home page, click on the training topic you will be coached on.  Download the PDF for the  DiscussionHandout.    Fill out your responses to the questions as your read the article.  These questions will be the center piece for discussion with your SL Coach.

  9. Read the complete topical article.

  10. Prepare for the coaching session by reviewing the assigned reading.  It is important you know the material from the assigned topical article well so you can refer back to a relevant portion during your discussion when clarifying a question or expanding a point.  Remember, the key to the coaching session is to assure that you, the SL Learner, has learned.


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