The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is a ministry committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.


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Comments from SLTA coaches having completed their SLTA Coach Training:

"I think you have created a masterful presentation and training experience for potential SLTA coaches. Excellent job!

"I feel the SLTA is a powerful process with potential for significant change and growth in the leaders who go through it.

"I especially like the anonymous 360 feedback which is not always something that a lot of ministry leaders get, but could profit helps them know where they are strong and where there is still room for growth. That is huge!

"The follow-up process for leaders to work on moving forward in those areas through the coaching relationship will make all the difference between discouragement and motivated action.

"This is an awesome tool!

"The SLTA could be used to raise up powerful leaders in our churches, leaders who can be intentionally discipled by taking the SLTA and being coached. The SLTA can also help leaders to envision their “dream ministry” and make a plan that could get them closer to that dream. Imagine how communities could be transformed as missional leaders are raised up and sent out to live the gospel.

"I believe every church could benefit from using the SLTA process to develop leaders. Churches should be both the catalyst and context for transformation. The SLTA provides a specific strategy to grow leaders that can serve in ways that point others to Christ.

"I would love to see a version of the SLTA that could be used in counseling. I think this tool could be helpful in marital and individual counseling. I would also love to see a version that could be used for character development in children.

"My first reaction  in being invited to attend the webinar was, 'Oh no! Not another assessment!' But I soon found out that the SLTA is not just another assessment! The SLTA goes beyond what any other assessment does (at the ones I am familiar with). While other deal with personality or leadership qualities, the SLTA actually gets to the heart of true leadership-spiritual life, character and integrity. It would be somewhat simple if the hundreds of missionaries and pastors had only to deal with organizational leadership. But we find that the majority of those who come to us are dealing with issues of the heart. I am very thankful to now have a biblically based tool in my coaching toolbox. Thanks!

"Wow! What a fantastic training. You blessed us immensely.

"The SLTA get us beyond naval gazing. Very practical.

"I absolutely loved the section Ron taught on how he derived the 24 characteristics--I so wish we could have spent more time on that! I appreciated how he too is continuing to grow and learn and discover through those he is working with and supporting. Could have spent hours on that section alone. It brings me back to the virtues listed in 2 Peter 1:5ff.

"Leaders can benefit from knowing how they're perceived because it may help explain the reason for some of the dynamics with their relationships. Someone may uncover truth through this survey that would otherwise remain hidden. These truths can reveal areas needing change. It's hard to change what you don't know.

"The SLTA has shown me where  I'm unrealistically pushing myself and where I can realistically raise the bar.


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