The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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Who Are We? 

The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is an umbrella organization providing seminars, onsite consultation and the web site,

Vision/Mission Statement of ISLT

The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the community in which they live.

Effective spiritual leadership causes Kingdom growth because leaders are continuously communicating and living out vision, creating external influence and developing internal credibility.


  • We believe the Bible is the absolute authoritative message of God to His people here on Earth. Problems through the centuries in understanding that message are exclusively with the hearer, not with the message.

  • We believe it is divine intention that Jesus Christ is the only way humankind can be redeemed for an eternal relationship with God, the Father. We believe the grace for that intention is available for the asking.

  • We believe the Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity resident in humans to powerfully reveal God’s work in and through them. And, that power can transform the believer's life into an instrument of righteousness. We believe God reveals Himself today through the Holy Spirit in acts of divine power.  It is through God's Spirit we can understand His divine mysteries.

  • We believe one of the more essential forms of spiritual service and responsibility is being a servant leader.  It is a principle of first being and then doing.

  • We believe with the call to be a Christian comes also the call to be a spiritual leader – one who influences others to God’s agenda.

Core Values:

  • Excellence - We strive to create and provide a platform of learning based on solid biblical principles and presented with excellence in content and format. We do that because it represents who we serve and provides assurance of credibility.

  • Change Agent - Effective spiritual leadership helps people build solid lives. We are all in a dynamic struggle between righteousness through Christ on the one hand and self, Satan and an ending age on the other. It is our intention to do whatever we can to increase the effectiveness of our human efforts of ministry for righteousness with the time given to us.

  • Meets Real Needs/Opportunities - We endeavor to provide practical information, helpful resources and experience-based learning. Influencing others carries with it great accountability. We intend to be a source and a resource to increase the depth of spiritual leadership knowledge, understanding and wisdom.



Vision Statement of is intended to be a place--an interactive environment--where new and established spiritual leaders--people influencing others because of their commitment to Christ--can grow, explore new concepts of leadership and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a spiritual leader.

Purposes of

Know - is a focus point to learn the basic concepts of leadership in the context of Biblical Scripture.

Grow - is a web site that is fresh and yet foundational.  Both the experienced and the beginning spiritual leader can find new points of information and reinforce the basic truths of people working together.

Connect - is a connection point for spiritual leaders where their differing cultures, experiences and insights can find a common environment for mutual growth.

Apply - At its core must be practical, meeting the relevant needs of spiritual leaders engaged in the process of leading by providing those leaders with tools, resources, knowledge and wisdom for insight and application.

Core Values of

Its about Kingdom building - Every effort is intended to help people know God as loving Father, Christ as Savior and the Holy Spirit as Empowerer.

Its about You - We value the leadership role as servant.  It is about serving God and serving those who come to for insight and tools.

Its about Excellence - Excellence reflects the care, passion and intentionality of whom we serve.

Meet Ron Kuest

1I have been a growing Christian since the early 70s. Trained as a pharmacist, I had the unique circumstance to be in executive leadership roles in Washington State government while still in my mid 20s. At 26 I had the incredible opportunity to establish and administer the crime laboratory and the drug enforcement unit for the State of Washington.

Since 1980 my wife Pat and I have owned a human resources consulting business, MBG Management Services, Inc. Through it we have the opportunity to work with over five hundred companies in the Pacific Northwest providing drug free workplace programs, supervisor training, and employee awareness materials. We also help companies, government agencies and spiritual leaders solve problems and build skills through leadership and organizational development programs and on-site consulting. One of my greatest joys is one-on-one mentoring as well as leadership and life coaching.

For 12 years I served as a deacon and presently serve on the leadership team with Pastor Dale Oquist, Evergreen Christian Community, Olympia, WA. where we’ve created a spiritual leadership training program. For 13 years we invested our time as volunteer leaders in youth ministry and presently serve on the Young Adults/Young Marrieds ministry team and serve as a leadership coach and principle architect of the spiritual leadership curricula at ECC.

Pat has been my encourager, helpmate, friend and wife for over 43 years. We are the parents of three adult children who I consider the jewels of my leadership efforts.

The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training and the web site are the products of 30 years of preparation-a work still in progress. In June, 1975, while still head of the drug enforcement and crime laboratory system for Washington State, I received as I understood it, a clear prophetic word that management and leadership training would be my future. The next 30 years took me in several directions but literally every experience prepared me for this current ministry.

In the past several years I've had the privilege to mentor pastors as they plant churches, be an advisor/confidant to established pastors and ministries, conduct seminars in the U.S. and abroad and develop curriculum and train spiritual leaders for my home church.

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Spiritual leadership is a God-ordained trust 

Whether we are appointed pastors, elders, deacons or ministry leaders, God has placed in our hands a huge opportunity and responsibility.  Our challenge as spiritual leaders is that the words we say, the actions we inspire and the work of our hands carries with it legacy.  We are influencing generations to the Kingdom of God. 

The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is dedicated to help ministers of every type in building the knowledge and skills to more effectively lead, inspire, teach and model the characteristics of Christ within us.

We are an evolving web site designed to equip anyone in ministry leadership of all ages, background, experiences and responsibilities.  It is our goal that you become more effective as spiritually empowered leaders in your Christian community, in the community where you live and in the marketplace where you work.

We’ve designed this web site to assist you in your growth as a spiritual leader.  The ISLT web is organized to provide you with information, teaching and practical advice to help you grow and be excellent in your leadership role.  We want this to be an instructional tool for a lead pastor wanting to develop staff in spiritual leadership development.  And it is designed for the spiritual leader at any level of service within a ministry to gain greater insight and understanding as to how the dynamics of leadership function in a Christian community.


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