The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is a ministry committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.


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Level 1 Fix


How big is your alligator?  Sometimes, although it would be good to know as much as possible about a leadership topic, the pressing issue of alligators in your swamp because you forgot to drain it doesn't give you the luxury of thoughtful learning.  Each of the Level 1 Fix articles are in PDF format so you can print them and put the principles immediately to work.  Check out the Fix articles below.  If you want to see how all of the articles fit into a cohesive whole, click on the Handbook tab above.

Level 1 - Fix  Accountability, Disclosure & Feedback  If you are currently at a point where you realize you need to be better understood as a leader, CLICK HERE.

Level 1 - Fix  Correcting Ministry Performance  If you are in the midst of a performance issue with one of your team members and need immediate help in working it through, CLICK HERE.

Level 1 - Fix  Alignment:  Assuring a Spiritually Centered Ministry  If you have taken your ministry team through Level 2 Train and you've determined the ministry needs realignment, CLICK HERE.

Level 1 - Fix  Change, Risk & Making Decisions  If you need guidance and tools to help you and your ministry successfully address change, assess risk and then make good decisions, CLICK HERE.

Level 1 - Fix  Serving Power  If you find yourself in the midst of tension based on what appears to be completing or conflicting power bases and you need to better understand how to assess and navigate through, CLICK HERE.

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