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Preparing for Change, Assessing Risk & Making Decisions

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Strategically responding to Change is a calling specific to leaders. Managers must respond differently to change. As simple as it sounds, it’s true: leaders lead change, managers manage change.
Risk is the consequence of change. To embrace change is by necessity a decision to take risks. Managers, in contrast to leaders, are expected to minimize risk.
Decision Making is the response to risk analysis. Good decisions must have the visionary questions answered; it is leaders who take the risk of asking them. Effective leaders are on a continuous journey, taking the leadership team and the enterprise through the process of making decisions affecting new issues and opportunities.

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Preparing for Change, Assessing Risk & Making Decisions
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Training Guide, HomeWorkBook sheets, DiscussionHandouts and Power Points for sessions 1, 2 and 3. These worksheets and guide enable anyone leading a staff development session to have all the resources to conduct a training session. IMPORTANT: When ordering this training module be sure and order the Power Points separately. There is no additional charge.

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