The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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Implementing Mission:
Steward of the Process
Creating Internal Credibility
 Slave to Righteousness

Creating External Influence:
Servant to All

Focusing Growth

  • Overview of Focusing Growth

  • Accountability, Disclosure and Feedback

  • Correcting Ministry Performance

  • Alignment-Assuring a Spiritually Centered Ministry

Empowering Leaders

  • Overview of Empowering Leaders

  • Serving Power

  • Preparing for Change, Risk and Making Decisions

  • Embracing Conflict

  • Communicating Vision
  • Trust3-Creating and Maintaining Trust

Navigating Relationships

  • Overview of Navigating Relationships

  • T2E - A Process Model

  • Understanding Human Nature

  • Building Teams That Last

  • Assignment and Delegation

Defining Mission

  • Overview of Defining Mission

  • Creating a Process

  • Discovering Core Values

  • Discovering Mission and Purpose

  • Crafting Vision, Designing a Metaphor and Building a Slogan

  • Drafting Guiding Principles

  • Indoctrination, Inculcation and Incorporation

Influencing Culture

  • Overview of Influencing Culture

  • Culture Is….

  • Assessing Your Ministry Culture

  • Intentionally Framing, Forming and Influencing Your Ministry Culture

Forming Spiritual Root

  • Overview of Forming Spiritual Root-The Process of Spiritual Transformation

  • Virtue

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Living Above the Line and Out of the Box

  • Spiritual Ethics

  • Creating a Sustainable Life Plan

The Corruption of Ministry

  • Overview of The Corruption of Ministry - Dealing With the Dark Side of Leadership

  • The Three Carnal Self Needs of Corruption – Control, Gratification and Preservation

  • Consequences of Corruption – Disintegration and Reintegration

The Covenant of Ministry

  • Overview of The Covenant of Ministry

  • The Covenant of Ministry

Creating External Influence

  • Overview of Creating External Influence

  • Who Leaders Are

  • What Leaders Do

  • Characteristics of Followers

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