The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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What We Do

Seminars and Workshops

Emerging Leaders Seminar

A one and one-half day intensive overview of the entire spiritual leadership process. In three, three-hour sessions leaders are exposed to the fundamentals of Building Internal Credibility, Exercising External Influence and Implementing Vision.

Attendance is by recommendation through experienced spiritual leaders and is conducted in a smaller group setting of up to 25 attendees.

In a day and a half the Emerging Leaders Seminar (ELS) gives participants an intensive overview of spiritual leadership. A highly interactive small group process enables each participant to question, explore and incorporate the discussion into their own unique frame of reference and personal spiritual journey as a follower of Christ.

The ELS is like seeing a topographical map of the terrain of spiritual leadership. Each participant is able to see how the entire process of spiritual leadership fits together to make an integrated whole. Discussion is divided into three divisions or pillars.

  • First Pillar  The first centers around personal spiritual transformation which, as a leader, creates the internal credibility necessary before effective leadership can even begin.

  • Second Pillar The second pillar focuses on the integrated processes of leadership including the topics of Culture, T2E-Transactional to Empowering, Direction/Focus, Trust-Power Paradigm and Lensing. This creates the framework around which vision is crafted.

  • Third Pillar  The third pillar examines the practices of effective spiritual leaders and followers, forming external credibility.

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Transactional To Empowering -

A one-half to one day session where participants experience the potential of empowering teams and the pitfalls of transactional relationships.

It is every ministry leader's dream to have team members who:

  • Know that their purpose for ministry is a personal calling

  • Feel released to work in an environment where they are encouraged and willing to seek new challenges

  • Make and accept decisions based on mutual trust

  • Use power as a catalyst for new opportunities

  • Embrace differences of opinions and methods as an exercise to find new and better ways of doing things

  • Are able to incorporate their individual visions to form an integrated vision

This is the language of empowerment.

Through the experiences of participants the workshop will interactively explore what empowering looks and feels like and how to move from transactional to transformational and finally to empowering as a process style. The goal of the workshop will be to take the language of empowerment and make it a part of personal vocabulary.

This session puts language to the concept of empowering and creates evidence markers when transactional, transformational and empowering process styles are appropriate. Participants will gain a clear view of transactional behaviors and how transactional behaviors can be moved first to transformational and finally to empowering. Ministry teams leave with a follow-up exercise to help identify different styles back in the “real world” where ministry takes place.

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Assessing and Influencing Church/Ministry

It’s never been more true that if you’re not intentionally framing, forming and influencing the organizational culture of your church/ministry, the culture of your church/ministry, whatever it is and whatever it becomes, forms you.

The culture of most churches is, by and large, a reflection of the culture of the community it serves-internally or externally. Is that the way the Body of Christ was intended to be? Or, should we as Christian leaders, be ahead of our community culture helping to frame, form and influence it? Such an effort begins with an intentional church/ministry culture that influences the larger community culture where we live and who we serve.

Through an interactive process, participants will first profile their current church/ministry culture style. Then they will identify what the culture profile would look like according to vision. The output product of the seminar is to build a framework and design a roadmap for influencing your church/ministry culture that will conform to the vision.

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Retreats, Camps

Ron is available to speak and facilitate at staff and board retreats as well as leadership banquets and retreats. His use of interspersed humor in the midst of the process keeps the time challenging, meaningful, fun and fast-paced.

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Leadership Coaching

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