The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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Training Materials

Training Modules

The power of training becomes exponential when those who have been trained are then able to train others.  Each Part is designed to enable a leader to gather a leadership team together and in the course of 45 minutes to several hours pass on the information and meaning of a Part.

Step 1.  Read the entire Part in the Handbook for Spiritual Leaders (found in Level 3 Grow).  Reflect on how the article speaks into your life as a leader and your shared ministry.

Step 2.  Assign your ministry/leadership team to read the applicable section of the Part.

Step 3.  Download the Training Module including the Trainers Guide, Discussion Handouts, HomeWorkBook and Power Point slides for that section.  Modify the material as you feel appropriate to gain ownership over the material.

Step 4.  Teach/train/communicate/motivate/interact with your leadership team with the training materials.

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