The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training is committed to equipping leaders in ministry to be influential in the lives of those they touch and the communities in which they live.

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As a new Part (an article within each Unit) is completed we will post its availability here.

As we develop new tools and additional features, its availability will be posted here too.


  •  Instead of emailing a newsletter there will be short comments, ideas, musings and the opportunity for exchange through the SpiritualLead blog.  When you go there be sure and scroll down to the bottom and click on Subscribe to Posts   That will create an RSS feed that will go to your Outlook when new topics are posted.


  • ISLT Store  Just click on the STORE tab and training modules for staff development and separate modules for long distance training are available for preview and download.  The store also has eBooks, print books for purchase as well.


  • Training modules for long distance training.  The ISLT is currently working with the Assemblies of God, World Missions, European Region on a pilot project to utilize the web site as the spiritual leadership training vehicle for their field missionaries.  The project utilizes the Level 3 Train articles and the Level 2 Training Modules and matches a Spiritual Leadership Coach with a Spiritual Leadership Learner to work through a topic in 3-4 sessions.  The training takes place using telephone or VOIP along with an internet connection to the web site.  Click on the AGWM-ER left tab to see how a specific home page has been developed. 


  • Registration and My Training Record - Be sure and register and then go to My Training Record.  If you click on an article while in My Training Record you can take notes and they will be saved.  Surfing to an article without going through My Training Record to the article does not activate the Notes.

  • Levels for Each Article  Each article has three levels.  Fix, Train and Grow. 

    • Fix is intended to give you quick, yet thorough advice on how to fix a problem or issue you are presently experiencing. 

    • Train is designed for you to train others.  Each article is broken into several sessions.  There is a link to a portion of the main article for each session.  The trainer can access a Trainers Guide as well as a Homework sheet, a discussion Handout for the training and Power Point slides to accompany the training.

    • Grow is the complete article.

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